VVIP BUTLER SERVICE | Silver Voyage Butler

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VVIP BUTLER SERVICE | Silver Voyage Butler

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We are looking for VVIP BUTLER SERVICE | Silver Voyage Butler

* Male/Female
* Minimum 1 years of experience in a similar field
* Full range of front of house services & operation
* English/Mandarin/Russian/Japanese or other language- Proficient Oral & Written

Job Description
Butler Service
Reporting to the Butler Service Manager/ Head Butler
-Duties and responsibilities for this role shall include, but are not limited to, the following:
- Provide a warm welcome to guests with appropriate introduction.
- Coordinate guest requirements with other departments and follow up to ensure all queries are handled to
maximum satisfaction.
- Collect any information about guests plans, pre-reservation services, special dietary requests, allergies or
other safety conditions and coordinate with concerned departments to ensure guest experience is memorable.
- Meet with the guest at appropriate times to communicate daily events, schedules and requests.
- Make arrangements for World Reward Solution operated activities, restaurants, tours and other experiences.
- Knowledge of Luxury services as well as the different types of treatments at Spa.
- Handle specific guest requests,VVIP,Royal Family ,complaints, and suggestions and follow through to maximize the service
- Ensure the guest bills are checked in advance before present and issue a provisional bill.
- Co-ordinate and check with Transfer Desk for guest luggage, plane and yacht.
- Be familiar with the promotions, events and weekly calendar of world reward solution.
-Knowledge of the F/B service menus are very important and always update the changes.
-Knowledge of Wine.
- Ensure equipment are prepared in the pantries at all times.
- Ensure readiness of materials, methods and equipment needed to ensure the highest level of service is provided.
Please send your CV to butler@worldrewardsolutions.com

*******Only shortlist candidate will notified.*********

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