*** Closed*** Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับ Maintenance Manager

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*** Closed*** Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับ Maintenance Manager

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Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager report directly to Director of Maintenance and is responsible for effective management of aircraft maintenance activities at Maintenance Base and Line Station. He is responsible for supervision of personnel under his control and also carrying out all maintenance functions on the aircraft, maintained and inspected under their supervision within the scope of their authorization, performance of functions efficiently and in accordance with the standards set in GMM.

1. Manage entire division in conformity with contents of Safety and Quality Policy and corporate commitment made by the Accountable Manager.
2. Assignment and supervision of personnel under his responsibility who are carrying out all the Maintenance Tasks required on the aircraft in order to ensure that policy and procedures contained in the GMM is complied with when carrying out maintenance.
3. Responsible for implementation of safety policy and human factor issues.
4. Ensuring that each aircraft maintained in airworthy condition, operational and emergency equipment necessary for flight is serviceable and certificate of airworthiness of each aircraft remains valid.
5. Responding to quality and safety deficiencies in the area of activities for which he is responsible, which arise from independent quality audits and ensuring that all corrective actions resulting from quality audits are completed within the time frame.
6. Certification of the equipment serviced, maintained and/or inspected under his supervision within the scope of his authorization.
7. Establish the shift arrangement to ensure the availability of adequate manpower necessary to meet operational demands.
8. Ensuring that all personnel and management of the division are fully aware of procedures, know their obligation to such procedures and competence of the personnel is assessed in this regard.
9. Ensuring that adequate personnel of appropriate technical ability are assigned proper tasks in order to achieve the highest standards and efficiency.
10. Ensuring the general cleanliness and appearance of the office and other areas under his supervision.
11. Ensuring maximum cooperation with inspection, dispatch and flight crews.
12. Ensuring the personnel under his supervision use proper and serviceable tools, fixtures, equipment for their appropriate use and all tools are handled properly.
13. Monitoring defect items and MEL and correcting all defects reported.
14. Authorizing minimum equipment dispatch of an aircraft in cooperation

15. Supervising or assisting personnel under his responsibility in the performance of specialized items such as Major Component Change, Engine Hot Section Inspection, Control Rigging, and Engine Run Up.
16. Carrying out the appropriate functional inspection after maintenance activities have been carried out.
17. Ensuring that the aircraft flight schedule requirements are met.
18. Monitoring the procedures established and making recommendations to improve the procedures if required.
19. Monitoring the performance of personnel assigned to his crew, assisting them to make recommendations as required.
20. Ensure proper recording maintenance activities carried out on the aircraft after their completion in the appropriate Flight Service Order and/or Work Order.
21. Ensuring that he is familiar with the content of this manual and all publications related to his duties.
22. Ensuring that the proper dispatch of aircraft, with regard to:
- Control of defects;
- Conformity with the type design;
- Requirements of all applicable operating rules.
23. Management of safety risks in maintenance operations.
24. Drafting and periodic revision of job specifications and SOP for Line Maintenance function.

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