Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับ Maintenance Planning Supervisor

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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับ Maintenance Planning Supervisor

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Maintenance Planning Supervisor

Maintenance Planning Supervisor reports directly to Maintenance Manager and is responsible for provision of engineering support and assistance required to meet production and airworthiness requirements and also review of all scheduled maintenance tasks due on aircraft and all technical maintenance recording. He shall secure sufficient scheduled downtime of the aircraft to allow the execution of all scheduled maintenance tasks.

1. Ensuring that procedures in the GMM are complied with.
2. Reviewing and disseminating the engineering requirements necessary for maintaining aircraft in a continuous airworthy condition.
3. Reviewing and disseminating the engineering documentation to authorize repairs and modifications necessitated by regulatory, safety or economic reasons.
4. Direct liaison with Aircraft Manufactures/TC Holder and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) to ensure that engineering meets or surpasses regulatory requirements.
5. Reviewing and disseminating information contained in the airframe and components Service Bulletins, and Service Letters.
6. Revision of all Official Technical manuals contained in the Maintenance Department
7. Reviewing all incoming Airworthiness Directives, Mandatory Service Bulletins, Alert Service Bulletins, recommendations and other special inspections and ensuring that all affectivities Airworthiness Directives, Mandatory Service Bulletins, Alert Service Bulletins and other special inspections are accomplished within the required time period.
8. Maintenance and revision of the Customized Maintenance Planning Document for all aircraft operated by the company.
9. Reviewing all maintenance Work Packages, Work Orders and Aircraft Maintenance Schedules, which have been prepared by the Aircraft Maintenance Planner, for all aircraft operated by the company
10. Reviewing and ensuring sufficient downtime scheduled for the aircraft, taking in consideration airworthiness requirements, inspection requirements, maintenance workload and dispatch flight requirements to ensure the highest level of maintenance with the least aircraft downtime.
11. Monitoring and controlling the Technical Records relating to the maintenance history of all Aircraft and Aircraft Components.
12. Estimating with assistance of Maintenance Manager, the man-hours requirement for the execution of all Maintenance Tasks on aircraft.
13. Monitoring the deferred maintenance items to ensure necessary parts are available to close all deferred items at the earliest opportunity
14. Responsibility for the AMS Computerized correspondence.
15. Management of safety risks in maintenance operations.
16. Responsible for implementation of safety policy and human factor issues

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