Nine Star Airways รับสมัคร Ex-Crew ชาย หญิง ปิดรับ 13 Oct 17

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Nine Star Airways รับสมัคร Ex-Crew ชาย หญิง ปิดรับ 13 Oct 17

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Nine Star Airways


• Be at least 18 years of age;
• Have minimum level of education of high school diploma or equivalent;
• Have fluent knowledge of English Language (Spoken/Written) TOEIC score 650;
(With two years validity)
• Photo not over 6 months
• Have minimum height of 165 centimeters for female and 175 centimeters for male;
• Good general health;
• Freedom from any physical or mental illness which might lead to incapacitation or
Inability to perform cabin crew duties;
• Normal cardiorespiratory function;
• Normal center nervous system;
• Adequate visual acuity - 6/9 with or without glasses and free from severe color
Blindness which may interferes with the recognition of color coded cabin signs;
• Adequate hearing;
• Normal weight (i.e. ability to move comfortably down the aisle, single file, facing
Forward and to be able to exit from the smallest secondary cabin emergency exit);
• Normal function of ear, nose and throat;
• Have good swimming skills, be able to swim minimum 25 meters unaided and pass a
Water Survival Training
• Have a valid passport permitting unrestricted travel worldwide
• Preferably not have any visible tattoos, body piercings or wear dental braces
• Must be able to relocate to various locations on worldwide bases for lengthy periods
• Have a good understanding of Cultural Diversity and be able to work in multi-cultural

Please preparing

- Photo not over 6 months
- CV
- interested candidates are invited to submit your copy of ID card, Copy of TOEIC Certificate and Experienced crew is required to present your copy of Crew ID Card

Closed: 13 October 2017
Please sent to E-mail:
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