Thai Vetjet Air รับสมัคร Flight Operations Training Executive ประจำสำนักงานสุวรรณภูมิ

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Thai Vetjet Air รับสมัคร Flight Operations Training Executive ประจำสำนักงานสุวรรณภูมิ

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Perform all functions related to Flight Operations Training Record process as follows:
• Receive, Register and Provide all document for flight operation Training Program.
• Update, Prepare & Issue of all training documents to flight operation for submission to CAAT.
• Monitoring of all document of training program of flight operation between company and CAAT
• Check, Update. Monitor on all flight operation training documents and record in flight operation department.
• Coordinate with QA on distribution of flight operation training documents.
• Prepare flight operation training document transmittals.
• Perform flight operation training document quality check in accordance to Company document control procedure.
• Perform files backup to ensure proper storage and achieving of electronic registers.
• Maintains specifically assigned flight operation training database.
• Perform special duties as may be required by the DFO.
• At least 3 years working experience in similar capacity
• Possess strong conceptual ability, good leadership skills
• Have good interpersonal skills
• Ability to work independently with high comfort level working in a diverse environment
• High sense of coordinating with team members and other departments
• Proficient in oral and written English(Toeic score 600).

Pls submit your English CV to [email protected] within 30 July 2019 and for more information Tel 02-111-5999 ext 2105
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