Thai Vetjet Air รับสมัคร System Application ประจำสำนักงานสุวรรณภูมิ

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Thai Vetjet Air รับสมัคร System Application ประจำสำนักงานสุวรรณภูมิ

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Role and Responsibility
- Consult with users to determine hardware, software, and system functional specifications.
- Design and develop automated systems, and control computer systems based on user and design specifications.
- Manage and execute projects that involve deployment of real-world environments, and define and manage work packages.
- Guide users on integrating products into servers and custom designs.
- Develop product documentation for use by customers implementing software and system products.
- Assist in the specification of product definition and requirements in collaboration with research and development personnel.
- Design demonstrations and reference platforms, and identify key problem areas, focusing on resolving them on an immediate basis.
- Create and implement customer application collaterals including application notes, and white papers.
- Define new processes for competitive analysis and testing purposes.
- Analyze systems and define products.
- Advise marketing teams on product requirements and differentiating features.
- Provide technical support to design teams through processes such as data collection and optimization of settings.
- General user-focused documentation including data sheets, programming guides, application notes, and customer presentations.
- Complete data reviews and compile compliance reports, ensuring that limits are tested, and correlating reports are generated.

BA/BS in Engineering, Technical Field, or equivalent successful experience in a similar controls industry role.
- Experience 3–5 Years in Engineering and Experience with Java Programming
- Highly motivated individual willing to learn and participate in a fast-paced environment
- Code Deployment/Merge experience preferred
- Experience with API's (SOAP, Rest) preferred
- GitHub experience is a plus
- Proficient in Microsoft Visio and AutoCad
- Read architectural, mechanical and electrical blueprints and have a solid understanding of basic electrical and mechanical control systems
- A solid understanding of network communications technology Internet, Intranet, VPN, TCP/IP, Ethernet, etc.
- Strong communication, Interpersonal and organizational skills

Pls submit your CV to [email protected] within 31 May 2019.
For more information Tel 02-111 5999 ext 2105
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Premium Economy Class
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