Thai AirAsia รับสมัคร Ramp Agent ประจำสนามบินกระบี่

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Thai AirAsia รับสมัคร Ramp Agent ประจำสนามบินกระบี่

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Job Descriptions

- Ensure no FOD before and after aircraft moment
- To perform loading and unloading of baggage at aircraft side, activities at baggage sorting area and arrival hall as per company requirement s.
- Aircraft servicing (Water and lavatory) functions during first waive, transit and night stop
- Towing aircraft and headset as per AMM
- Operate ground service equipment (Passenger step, pick up (tractor), pushback, conveyor belt and etc.) as per SOP
- Ensure all operation equipment serviceability and to be used for operations
- To adhere safety operation procedure
- To adhere company and department operation manual
- To ensure to maintain consistence service with regard to on time performance (OTP) in accordance to 30 minutes ground time and high quality level of baggage handling with zero baggage discrepancies
- Daily check for all equipment and serviceable equipment
- Support operation and maintenance activity as requirement


- Male Only
- Thai nationality
- Age between 20-30 years old
- Graduated from High School or Diploma or higher.
- Military exception.
- Personal vehicle driver license granted.
- Able to work shift

Apply via this link only ... _JR0002724
Economy Class
Economy Class
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