K-Mile Air Cargo Open for Flight Dispatcher License Position !!Apply now!!

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K-Mile Air Cargo Open for Flight Dispatcher License Position !!Apply now!!

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K-Mile Air, operating as K-Mile Asia, was established in 2004 as Thailand's first express freight airline. Our initial operations began in 2006 with a Boeing 727 freighter between BKK and SIN. The fleet subsequently expanded to 3 such aircraft. These aircraft have since been retired in 2013.

In March 2014, FARNAIR Switzerland took a 45% stake in K-Mile Air. Since then ASL Aviation Holdings has taken over ownership of FARNAIR and has been a valuable partner with extensive domain expertise. ASL is a global aviation services provider with operations on 6 continents and a fleet of 140 aircraft in 6 airlines in Europe, South Africa and Asia.

We are looking for: Flight Dispatcher License


1) Developing, reviewing, authorizing, issuing and revising, as required, of the Operational Flight Plan for all scheduled and non-scheduled flights inclusive of training and test flight operations, in keeping with Safety, Regulatory, Customer Service, and Corporate fiscal requirements.
2) Analyzing operational conditions and identify any opportunities that may constrain impede or benefit operational capabilities inclusive of, but not limited to weather, facilities, Air Traffic Control, and aircraft performance
3) Formulating and implementing revised Operational Flight Plans when conditions warrant, and for communicating the revised plans to the Pilot-in-Command.
4) Analyzing operational and meteorological conditions to evaluate and determine the safest and most efficient minimum fuel requirement.
5) When requested or deemed necessary, to provide the Pilot-in-Command with a thorough and professional flight crew briefing, covering all significant information which may impact the operation of his flight.
6) Providing Weight and Balance (if applicable) with a flight release, which includes total fuel requirements and aircraft weight limitations that maximizes revenue payload potential while satisfying all safety standards.
7) Resolving with Maintenance Control, the pilot-in-command, Flight Operations Management Pilots as required, problems caused by any aircraft deviation from standard which may limit or impact flight operational capabilities, and to communicate any operational limitations to the Operations Co-ordination and respective operating Branches, as required.
8) During irregular operations, congruent when practical with the Pilot-in-Command and in consultation with the Operations Coordination implementing flight delays when conditions warrant, recommending flight cancellations, and initiating alternative plans.
9) Handover Briefings during Dispatch shift changes or personnel changes are extremely important. The outgoing dispatch personnel will thoroughly brief the in-coming dispatch personnel to ensure continuity in the monitoring of all flights.
10) Be able to submit Slot Clearance Request/Reply (SCR) to each slot coordinator or authority.
11) Be able to apply the flight permission.
12) Liaison with all ground handling and customer regarding the shipment for any irregularity occurrence.


1) Male or Female with Thai nationality only
2) Bachelor Degree in Aviation field. Major of Aviation Management or Flight Operation would be an advantage
3) Working experience in Flight Operations 1-2 years. (Fresh graduate is also welcome)
4) Good command of English is required.
5) Good computer skills

Job opportunity open until 15 January 2019

Apply and submit CV to:
K-Mile Air Company Limited - Room 308-310, 3rd Floor, B-FZ Building, Suvarnabhumi Airport, 999, Moo 7, Racha-Thewa, Bang Phli, Samutprakan, 10540, Thailand
D +662 134 2599 | F +662 134 2601 | M +669 8824 2264 | E [email protected]
K-Mile Air HR
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