Jetabroad Thailand l Job: Airfare Expert Analyst (Ploenchit) l Salary up to 70k+

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Jetabroad Thailand l Job: Airfare Expert Analyst (Ploenchit) l Salary up to 70k+

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Jetabroad Pty.
We are an award winning online travel agent based in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in providing you with only the most competitive international airfares through our superior knowledge, expertise and technology. At Jetabroad we help you easily and affordably book flights that lead to unforgettable journeys.

Jetabroad Thailand
Jetabroad (Thailand) is Jetabroad's development team located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company is responsible for building the next generation travel platform. The company is Thailand Board of Investment sponsored as it undertakes high-level technology development for the travel industry.

Task: Join our world-class development team to solve really interesting problems in the travel space:
• Understand the end-to-end process from airfare to customer sale
• Analyse data to find the best fare and know how to combine air fares across sectors
• Able to compare webservices and GDS native results
• Investigate root causes when airfare content is missing (System Configuration, Flight Query Requests, GDS Web Service, Airline Restrictions, Availability, Fare Schedules)
• Investigate ticketing errors
• Look at root causes of ADMs

Skill: All the things you need to know and all the reasons why you want to work for Jetabroad Thailand.
• Competitive salary with performance bonus dependent on skills, experience, passion and your intent.
• Latest generation Intel PCs, SSDs, RAID HDD, Two 27" IPS monitors and modern office environment.
• Big bright light filled offices with lush views over the vibrant city of Bangkok.
• Free drinks, lots of snacks and regular social events. And, we have ‘Happy Friday mini party’ every week.
• Paid holidays with flexible public holiday usage.
• Flexible office hours.
• Hardware and book allowance.
• Group health insurance.
• Healthy and sustainable work life balance.
• Support through constructive feedback, review, training and mentorship.
• Exposure to genuine entrepreneurial thinking; as we evolve so do you.

• Thai Nationality
• Strong written and verbal skills in English
• Bachelor Degree in tourism is a plus
• Expert in GDS Systems
• Expert in Fare rules, Fare basis and Fare structure
• Have knowledge of IATA rules
• Have understanding of ATPCO/SITA
• Technical Background in fare construction
• Minimum 5 years of airfare ticketing or airfare analyst

Send resume and Contact for more: [email protected]
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