Thai VietJet Air รับสมัครพนักงานหลายตำแหน่ง ส่งเอกสารการสมัครทางอีเมล์

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Thai VietJet Air รับสมัครพนักงานหลายตำแหน่ง ส่งเอกสารการสมัครทางอีเมล์

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Thai VietJet Air รับสมัครพนักงานหลายตำแหน่ง

Thai VietJet Air Joint Stock Company Limited

Thai Vietjet Air is a subsidiary of Vietnamese Vietjet Air, Operating an intensive flight network in Thailand and Vietnam and we are planning to expand its operation throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

The airline’s mission is to meet the increasing travel demands of domestic and international

travelers by providing punctual flights and a high quality of service.

Technical Data Clerk

Role and Responsibilities;

• Responsible to ensure that all areas which include material management (Label Booking), aircraft utilization and defect records are kept current with information from varied sources as Tech Logs and Aircraft Logbooks such as Airframe, Engine and APU etc.
• Collect aircraft technical log and key in the data into system (aircraft utilization hours, technical log entries).
• Perform components replacement into the system (label booking).
• Perform data clean up; highlighted by Technical Record.
• Check and locate for missing mandatory documents Technical Log and report to TSE (Planning and Technical Records)
• Assist Technical Support Executive (Planning and Technical Records) when required.
• Provide troubleshooting data and historical detail for maintenance review.
• Liaise with Flight Operations Department for clarifications of missing or discrepancies on the flight details
• Any other relevant duty as assigned by the superior.


• University Graduate (preferable in engineering discipline)
• Minimum 1 years of experience in the technical or inventory or information system field
• People skill with the ability to work with people and sensitive to their needs and perception
• Good office skills to include maintaining and organizing files.
• Effective written and verbal skills in Thai & English.
• Standard computer literacy with know how in MS Office

Technical Services Executive

Role and Responsibilities;

• To ensure the company’s aircraft, engines, components and associated equipment perform to specifications and meets the company’s and Aviation Authority’s requirements.
• Provide effective and efficient technical support to aircraft operations
• Prepare and issue the required technical documents in accordance with approved procedures and regulatory requirements.
• Liaise with manufacturers, suppliers, aviation authority or any reliable sources to facilitate analysis of engineering issues.
• Provide approved data for technical instruction such as inspection, modification and repair which is not within the scope of any of manufacturer’s manuals.
• Ensure all technical documents issued meet the requirements of the department’s approval system.
• Assist Reliability section in Data Management Department in conducting root cause analysis and provide remedies for excessive and abnormal wear, malfunctions or premature removals.
• Ensure sufficient skills are acquired and inform superior of required training to improve competency.
• Responsible to undertake the necessary corrective and preventive action resulting from compliance monitoring and audit program findings.
• Any other relevant duty as assigned by the superior.


• Engineering degree (Aerospace, Aeronautical, Industrial, Avionics or Mechanical) or Aircraft Maintenance Technician (AMT) license.
• Minimum 2 years of experience in the aircraft maintenance
• Experience with multi-country offices/reporting lines
• Experience in managing a team of senior managers and more junior staff . Team work spirit, coupled with tact, diplomacy
• Excellent people skill with the ability to work with people and sensitive to their needs and perception
• Effective written and verbal skills in Thai & English.

Training Executive


- Develops, reviews, maintains training documents;
- Ensures documentation conforms to company and legal requirements;
- Ensures close adherence to amendment and revision process;
- Coordinates the standardization of training documentation with partner organizations;
- Keeps his knowledge regarding national and international training requirements up to date;
- Leads and supervises projects related to training documentation;
- Has a good understanding of the software used to maintain the training documentation ;
- To ensure management continuity is maintained, during a period of his/her absence, due to sickness, leave, and/or training or for any other reason, by delegating his/her duties & responsibilities, in writing, to Director of Training.
- Develop, encourage, promote and ensure implementation of QMS and SMS within department.
- Manage personnel-related issues in department and ensure the occupational health & safety environment is practiced according to law requirement in order to prevent and control accident in workplace.
- Communicate information policies, strategies correctly and effectively to all employees in order to apply in practice.
- Perform any tasks assigned by superior. 4) Power and Authority
- To submit documentation to the authority for approval
- To revoke/withdraw training materials which do not satisfy stipulated requirements
- To communicate directly with the authority regarding training documentation


- Bachelor Degree.
- At least 3 years as flight operation and training experience at least 1 year.
- Good Command of English, both written and spoken.

Technical Quality Assurance Officer

Duties and responsibilities:

• Liaise with the relevant airworthiness authorities on all matters pertaining to airworthiness requirements.
• Co-ordinate with Department of Engineering to maintain quality system of Engineering include conduct internal and external audit. Review and monitor qualification and experience of engineering certifying staffs and quality assurance personnel.
• Maintain a list of all current company’s approval/authorization holders and their records as required by the regulatory authorities.
• Ensure that all reportable defects and occurrences are reported to the CAAT promptly.
• Conduct and co-ordinate with the Engineering & Planning Division to ensure that the aircraft delivery and inspection are accomplished in accordance with the company and the CAAT requirements.
• Carry out any other tasks as directed by the QAM.


• Bachelor’s degree in Engineering , Science or relate field.
• Experience in aircraft maintenance or aircraft engineering field at least 2 years, experience in aircraft maintenance or Technical QA is advantage.
• Strong English interpersonal skill, TOEIC score at least 450.
• Good skill in MS office (especially in Word, Excel, Power Point).
• High responsibility and good attitude to work hard.
• Able to work under pressure and do multi-task.

Administrator – Cabin Crew Department

Role and Responsibilities:

• Administrative work of CCD in compliance with regulations
• Tracking of monthly activities for CCD.
• Preparing all payments on Cabin Crew Flight Allowances
• Maintaining records of discipline incidents of CCD.
• Recording & Tracking of all crew sick leave, leave of absence (maternity, accident ...) and report any trends.
• Maintain and monitor the medical records of cabin crew including due date for medical examination,
• Monitor and manage the administrative and reporting forms.
• Management of all assets and equipment of the CCD including procurement plan.
• Allocation and storage for cabin crew uniform and accessories in compliance with regulations
• Perform other tasks assigned by the CCM.


• Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.
• At least 1 years working experience in similar capacity
• Have good interpersonal skills
• High sense of coordinating with team members and other departments
• Able to travel as when it is required
• Proficient in oral and written English, Thai.

Cabin Crew Executive - Operations

Role and Responsibilities:

• Ensure to provide qualified cabin crew who having enough knowledge, ability, skills and good attitude to serve customer with sense of responsibility by organizing and scheduling line check flights to track the effectiveness of training procedures of Cabin Crew.
• Make and implement a training plan on customer service, sale processes, and delivery of goods approved with the aim of improving the CC quality as well as ensuring the number of qualified CC for flight operation.
• Designing curriculum, procedures, regulations and criteria related to quality of service and other training as required by the company.
• Being responsible for checking, monitoring and supervising the implementation and compliance with standards of service systems, behaviors, attitudes of CC in passenger’s service.
• Constantly building materials, forms and assessment processes of the air service of the attendants.
• Hold regular talks with CC to make sure regulations are applied and service performance is maintained.
• Recalling back CC for re-training should they have negative feedback; to improve the quality of inflight service.
• Provide grooming and etiquette training for cabin crew and report to CCM the results after the training program.
• Monitoring the quality of products and additional services provided on the flight, promptly feedback to the relevant departments to make adjustments on quality, quantity and specifications of goods.
• Participate in the selection of Cabin Crew.
• Liaising with Quality Department pertaining the level of performance of Cabin Crew
• Assist the CCM in the CCD budget focusing on OPEX
• Carry out other duties assigned by the CCM.


• Possess a recognized Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline.
• Holds a valid Cabin Crew Member Certificate on A320 issued by TDCA
• At least 3 years operational working experience as Cabin Crew
• Possess strong conceptual ability, good leadership skills
• Ability to work independently
• Have good interpersonal skills

Infrastructure Executive

Role and Responsibilities:

• Conduct proper information security procedures.
• Constant monitoring of servers in ensuring uptime.
• Generate monthly informative systems / servers exception reports for management.
• Maintenance of all application and network/web servers(backups, tuning etc)
• Maintenance of all SQL Server databases.
• Maintain company’s data and PC hardware infrastructure
• Maintenance of Domain controller, DHCP, DNS, Web Marshal, Barracuda (Anti spam hardware)
• Performing of daily / weekly / monthly system backups and restore for Disaster Recovery Centre (DRC).
• Software and hardware support of Domain controller, DHCP, DNS and Proxy servers.
• ICT hardware setup - PC hardware setup/support, perform routine on-site and off-site maintenance for all airports, sales and call center offices, installation, maintenance network system, video/audio conferencing systems
• Documentation of system procedures
• Other tasks as instructed by the ICT Manager.


• Inquiring mind, Innovative
• Ability to work independently with high comfort level working in a diverse environment
• High sense of coordinating with team members and other departments
• Able to travel as when it is required
• Proficient in oral and written English, Thai.
• Possess personal traits: friendly, mature, humble, honest, and meticulous; self-starter; able to perform under pressure in a challenging environment.
• Ability to maintain high confidentiality, tactful and discretion when dealing with people.

Safety Executive (Deputy Safety Manager)


a) Report directly to Safety Manager.
b) Maintain and continually improve the Company’s Safety Management System, including its associated documentation system, to ensure that it meets all regulatory and internal requirements and expectations;
c) Manage and continually improve the Company’s Flight Data Monitoring system and Safety Reporting system
d) Conduct hazard identification and risk management analysis of data from Flight Data Monitoring, Line Operations Safety Audits (LOSA), Safety Reports and other sources;
e) Initiate and complete accident / incident investigations, establish causes and formulate corrective / preventative safety measures. Issue required reports to CAAV and other relevant Aviation Authorities and relevant company management;
f) Monitor corrective safety actions to ensure accomplishment and effectiveness;
g) Monitor activity in flight operations, maintenance, crew training and ground operations, to ensure that the safety standard required by the authority, and any additional requirement defined by the operator;
h) Provide advice and assistance to managers at all levels regarding safety issues;
i) Regularly update the Director of SSQA of current safety concerns;
j) Organize staff safety training and competence enhancements;
k) Monitor safety performance and communicate results to management;
l) Communicate and interact with domestic and international safety organizations, aircraft manufacturers and regulatory authorities on matters of industry safety concerns.


 Tertiary qualifications, with minimum of 5 years relevant work experience;
 Relevant qualifications in in safety management system and/or human factors;
 Aviation Incident investigator qualification; and
 Strong interpersonal, communications, presentation and writing skills.

Safety Officer:


 Report directly to Safety Manager;
 Maintain the Company database of Safety Reports received and their follow up;
 Follow up agreed corrective actions after safety occurrences and investigation with the concerned Department.
 Participate in the management and development of the Company Safety Reporting System;
 Produce written safety reports for the Company’s management and regulatory authorities;
 Conduct staff safety training;
 Coordinate the dual language quarterly Safety Bulletin for distribution to the work force; and
 Register and keep track of all Line Operation Safety Audit (LOSA)


 Tertiary qualifications, with minimum of 2 years relevant work experience;
 Relevant qualifications in in safety management system and/or human factors;
 Aviation Incident investigator qualification; and
 Strong interpersonal, communications, presentation and writing skills.

Finance Executive

Role and Responsibilities:

• Assist and coordinate with Financial Accounting Manager to manage and support finance operation of the company.
• Work closely with the Financial Accounting Manager to establish proper settlement & revenue procedures.
• Deliver financial accounting, control, analysis, reports, and ensure regulatory compliance by maintaining a robust financial control environment.
• Prepare weekly Cash Out-Flow Forecast reports to manage cash out of the company.
• Liaise with all local and international banks for any issues of customer payments
• Liaise and managing all local and international vendors to support efficiently the company’s operation.
• Finalize and submit daily/monthly/quarterly/annual reports required by the management in a timely manner
• Ensure to maximize the company’s benefit in term of payments to vendors especially managing efficiently the company’s cash flow
• Record and reconcile all payable /fixed assets and relevant accounting transactions into general ledgers & sub ledgers.
• Make sure all payment vouchers and accounting documents are properly created, signed and filed
• Review the recording of revenue and receivables into the accounting system; make sure all accounting documents are properly created, signed and filed.
• Perform other tasks assigned by Financial Accounting Manager


• Diploma in Accounting or Professional Accounting qualification
• 1 year of relevant working experience in finance related
• Good knowledge of Thai rules and regulations related to accounting, taxes, etc
• International airline experience desirable
• Effective written and verbal skills in Thai & English.
• Standard computer literacy

Thai Vietjet Air Joint Stock Co., Ltd (Airline)
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Nong Prue, Bang Phli, Samutprakarn, 10540
FB: Thai Vietjet Air Career Tel: 02 134 3540

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