Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัคร Crew Scheduler

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Asia Atlantic Airlines เปิดรับสมัคร Crew Scheduler

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Crew Scheduler

Job Descriptions :

• Provide overall management of the Rostering / Planning Section for the effective operation of the Section.
• Provide a forward plan of the sections operation and ensure it is managed in an effective manner, and that legal Crew utilisation is at all times maintained.
• Update Leon system for Crewing and Rostering Compliances.
• Assign both pilot and cabin crew’s schedules at initial and operational stages
• Responsible for the following Crew Rostering / Planning Officers duties described below but limited too.
• Liaise with the Duty Officers within the Operations Control Centre (OCC) or the Management and deliver legal crew to operate the schedule /
non – schedule services and review that the current roster is correct and implemented correctly.
• Prepare daily crew flight pairings from effective flight schedule in Leon Software System.
• Roster crew license renewals checks / crew recurrent checks / rostered day(s) off in the Leon System.
• Establish roster man power and compile crew rosters on a monthly basis.
• Determine roster man power:
A. Schedule, non – schedule.
B. Work groups.
• Plan all crew rosters using Leon Rostering format. Each fourteen (14) – day roster is printed and available on line to all crew normally five (5) days
prior to commencement of the roster.
• Publish completed roster to all crew members on – line.
• Liaise with crews on crewing roster queries and solutions.
• Prepare and forward Crew Gen – Dec for CIQ formalities.
• Make monthly report on sickness, late show-up and all actions against company regulations
• Technical & Cabin Crew Duty Travel.
• Coordinate Crew Domestic and Overseas Hotels include liaison with Hotel Staff.
• Coordinate Crew Domestic and International Transportation.
• Keep master rosters of pilots and crews and send the final version to HR and
Finance before 17th of each month

Qualifications :

• Thai nationality
• Bachelor degree
• At least 1 year of crew scheduler/Crew coordinator.
• Sound working knowledge of Thai regulatory requirements.
• TOEIC score, minimum of 600 (valid within one (1) year of application).
• Good communicator, lateral thinker, Team player and foster team work.
• Proficient in report writing.
• Good computer skills, including proficiency in Microsoft Office.
• Ability to priorities work load.
• Capable of working Shift Work.
• To maintain a high standard of personal presentation at all times
• To present yourself in a positive, approachable and professional manner at all times regardless of the situation.
• To work together with other staff to ensure quality results are achieved for Asia Atlantic Airlines.
• Outgoing personality with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with a multinational team.
• Be able to work autonomously within a team environment.
• Salary based on experience

If you meet the requirements please forward your Resume/CV together with Toeic Score to
[email protected], only those who are shortlisted will be contacted

Asia Atlantic Airlines Co., Ltd.
Human Resources Department
246 Time Square Building 11Fl., Sukhumvit Rd.,
Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110

TEL : 02 635 5888
E-Mail : [email protected]
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Economy Class
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